EAD-20S Water Jet Disrupter

EAD-20S is an improved Disruptor from EAD-20. This new design makes it light weight and has quick assembly features. EAD-20S is to receive both 0.5 inch or the 20mm cartridge. EAD-20S disruptor can also be used as De-armour while performing RSP for the UXOs. Upgrade for PAN operations with 12 cal carts through shock tube and electrical firing device are under field testing.

M149 400 Gallon Army Water Trailer
400 Gallons Water Buffalo Trailer

Our military water trailer is a cost effective solution as replacement for US M-149 trailers. Upgraded to M149A2, with a stainless steel tank, and M149A1 with fiberglass tanks have been accomplished. The product is field proven and has underwent rigorous field testing. The successful establishment of its production line at our Sargodha facility is another landmark achievement of Al Efah Technologies.