EOD Cartridges packing
A Mil Specs qualified for safety

EOD Power Carts

The IEDD disruptor and EOD render safe tools are mostly powered by electrically initiated power cartridges. We supply a variety of EOD cartridges. Cartridge undergo a well defined qualification process under MIL-D-21625. These are certified for performance, safety and reliability. Each lot of the cartridges is proof tested before final release to the customer. Cartridges are secured in an aluminum container and finally packed in sealed ammunition container.

We also offer to address any specialized cartridges design needs for EOD/IEDD equipment and can provide a cost effective solution.

Safety Specifications

No Fire Current 0.7 A

All Fire Current 1.35 A

Hazard Class: 1.4 S

CT-20 Cartridge

The cartridge CT20 is a 20mm cartridge used with Recoiless disruptor EAD-20. The cartridge is provided with teflon cap installed on the front end which provides a seal when water is filled inside the disruptor.

20mm EOD Disruptor cartridges

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CT-26A Cartridges

The cartidge CT26A are used with EAD-26 disruptor or the Pigstick disruptors of UK origins. The cartridge is supplied with 1x piston and 1x closure cap. The cartridge can also be used with disruptors with barrel bore upto 26 mm like our EAD-26 or the old Pigstick disruptors.A

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CT-50W and CT-50E Cartridge

The CT50W and CT50E are 0.5 inch Cartridge widely used with EOD and IEDD equipment. These are being used with different disruptors and the De-armors. The cartridges are produced in lots and each lot undergoes comprehensive lot acceptance testing to ensure correct and consistent performance.