Aviation and military Solutions

Al Efah Technologies provides technology-based solutions for military and Aerospace clients. We are a team partnered with vendors for our products. Our target is to offer a life cycle solution , long term relationship with clients. AET commits itself to technical excellence and customer satisfaction with safety in designs, quality in production and reliability in use.

Weapons’ Engineering Technology
Military Weapon Engineering Technologies are our specialty. Our EOD solutions provide complete range of Bomb Disposal Equipment, explosives Storage management and maintenance equipment is to provide ease of operations with reliability. We look forward to develop a tailored made solution for your problems.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
Reliability of operations requires organized maintenance repair and overhaul of the systems. We specialize in development of Test and diagnostic from drawing board; meeting the requirements of standards for the product design qualification, industrialization and production.

Why Choose Us

A life Cycle Solution

Our Mission

Provide Weapon Engineering Technology solutions.

Our Vision

Sell Safety, Quality and Reliability.

Our Values

Qualification of claims and fulfillment of commitments.

Our Partners for excellence

And certainly many partners wrong each other, except those who believe and do good—but how few they are. Al Quran 38:24
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