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Stainless Steel Product - Alpha Engineering Industry

20mm Disruptor EAD-20S

EAD-20S is a 98% recoilless Disruptor designed disrupting IEDs with high probability of avoiding detonation. It answers for a medium powered and accurate IED disruption. The disruptor can be employed with a multitude of support arrangements like its stand or on EOD robot mount. The design pays special attention to simplicity safety and speed.

EAD-20S, can also be utilized to fire steel slugs/ forks. This provides IED technicians flexibility to attack IEDs areas difficult to penetrate with water-jet. The equipment can also be utilized to work as EOD De-armer.

The system comes with different accessories to be selected based on the operational applications. 

Recoilless Disrupter

A decade of evolution

Best value for money

Cost effective

At Lowest Price

Easy to use

Easy as one two three

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