Kit Leg pouch
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Mini Hook & line kits

Hook and Line kit provides significant flexibility for a bomb technician to have a semi remote approach to a suspected item. A one man carry HAL kit has set of basic tools to gain access, remove and to manipulate the suspected item. An experienced EOD operator can quickly construct a hook and line mechanism that enables to investigate and facilitate disposal or safe removal of suspicious material. A configuration can be customized according to your threat.

Tools selection options

Manipulator Pole

  • Carbon fiber Or Aluminium materials
  • Heavy duty clamps
  • Shoulder Strap and carry bag option
  • Different collapsed and extended lengths. Typically 3 meters extended and less than one meters collapsed.
IED manipulation pole
Kit Leg pouch

Leg Pouch

  • Water proof Nylon
  • Inside space is adjusted to suit to a customized tool kit.
  • Suitable when patrolling with your weapon.

Line Options

  • From 3 to 20 mm options from Aramid to and other High strength materials
  • High Break strengths.
  • Low Elongation 8%
Mini HAL Kit Ropes
HAL Kit Mini Reel


  • Spool high quality plastic
  • Snap : Stainless steel
  • Available in yellow , orange , blue, black
  • Less than 1.5 Kg with 50m 3mm line.

Foldable Grappling hook

  • Stainless Steel
  • 300 grams 


  • Hooks of various sizes on client requirement are made
HAL Kit Sling


  • Steel or Aramid with steel eye ends.

Carabiner with roller of different sizes

  • Carabiner with roller of different sizes
  • 7075 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Strength upto 25kN
grip pliers with snap

Self Grip Pliers

  • Steel or Aramid with steel eye ends.

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