Pre defined and tailored made kits

Non Magnetic / Non Sparking Kits

Nonmagnetic kits are essential while working in EOD/ IEDD environment to avoid magnetic field and spark for the threat of any initiation of UXO or IED. The material of the tools is Beryllium-Bronze alloy (Be-Cu) which makes it 100% non-magnetic tool set but also it is a non sparking tool kit.

The kit is also suitable for safe working in other explosives atmosphere environments  like a gas station, fuel Shops or  where volatile fumes exist.

All tools are suitable for contact use and are supplied individually certified.


A customized kit can be prepared in different packing type – Rugged Hard case, in Aluminium box, or the soft Cardura bags. The tools are placed in a packing with cut foam to accommodate all the tools. Non-sparking tools in Aluminium Bronze alloy can also be provided.  Al-Cu are more cost effective and non-sparking but are not 100% non magnetic. Special hand tools for specialized applications can also be inquired. 

Nonmagnetic Aluminium case
Nonmagnetic Kit in Cordura
Nonmagnetic in hard case

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