EOD Robot Al efah
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PCR-02 EOD Robot is a versatile platform. It can carry various devices for different applications. It is a six wheeled tracked chassis with independent drive of each track to move in various environments. With a speed of more than 5 km/h it reaches its targeted area fast. Its manipulator with extendable arm ensures a large reach to one and half meters. It can move the suspicious objects, and when fully retracted can lift up to 40 kg. Monitoring system is made up of camera, monitor, antenna, etc. A set of LED lights is mounted each in front of body and at the back of the body.


  • Aircraft grade Aluminium Alloy body.

  • IR Cameras enable night operations

EOD Robot Platform


DimensionsL*W*H: 910 * 650 * 550 mm
Weight90kg (without accessories, package and control box)
BatteryDC24V lead acid rechargeable battery
Working time≥ 5 hours
Maximum Speed≥1.5m/s
Grade AbilityIt can climb up the slope of 45° and stop steadily on the slope.
Climbing Stairs AbilityWith traction-free assist, it can climb up and down the stairs of 160mm step height and 45°angle slope.
Drag Capability≥500N
Turning AbilityIn horizontal cement ground or bituminous pavement, the robot can turn clockwise or anticlockwise 360º.
Loading CapacityWhen loading 140 Kg, it can move normally
Limited Passage Width≤700mm
Control DistanceWireless control: ≥150m (visible range)
Wire control:100m (optional 200m);
Over-obstacle CapacityIt can cross the obstacle of 320mm height.
FloodlightTwo group LED floodlight (one group on the front and back)
Number of Cameras4
Forward CameraColor infrared induction
Backward CameraColor infrared induction
Cradle Head Various focal CameraColor infrared induction



Manipulator Gripper CameraColor infrared induction
Lift CapabilityCan move with clamping weight of 40K without dropping
Max. Mechanical Arms Spread1650 mm
Gripper of Manipulator   Maximum Expansion Range250 mm
Arm Extension when stretch out and draw back500 mm
6 Mechanical Arm DOFsManipulator gripper opening and closing Manipulator gripper rotation Small arm rotation Telescopic arm extend and retract Big arm rotation Big arm rise and fall
Rotation AngleManipulator gripper can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise 360º; Small arm can rotate clockwise 150º and anticlockwise 110º; Big arm can pitch angle of 90º; Kidney basin can rotate clockwise 180º and anticlockwise 45º
eod robot claw extended

Lift capacity of 40 Kg with retracted arm.

eod robot arm claw open

Control Terminal

EOD Robot Control Station platform


BoxPortable, waterproof, dustproof, high strength
Size≤ L 460 * W 370 *H 260 mm
Weight≤ 10kg
Display Screen12-inch HB LCD, wide viewing angle, outdoor clear picture
OperationHigh-quality   rocker   handle,   human   software  interface   design,   easy observation and convenient operation
Display ImageIt can monitor 4 video signals simultaneously or separately amplify one of 4 video signals
Information DisplayReal-time voltage
BatteryRechargeable 24V lithium battery, working time ≥ 3 hours fully charged.
Control BoxVia the buttons and handle of control box, the operators can control video switch, zoom, moving, cradle rotating, floodlight, telescopic arm, gripper opening and closing, small arm rotating, big arm lifting, kidney basin rotating, wrist rotating, etc.

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