Fire resistant high endurance body cooling suit
Extended Endurance & Light Weight

ECS-3 Body Cooling System

ECS-3 Body Cooling System is an ice reservoir base circulation cooling system. The system is designed to achieve an extended endurance and low battery consumption. Endurance is controlled by a smart algorithm for the flow rate control.  The ECS-3 BCS is designed primarily for the EOD / IEDD operators to be worn under the bomb Suit. It can be adopted by the other applications like fire fighters, mine workers or work environments of open sun.

During the EOD/IEDD and mining operations, the protective suits, worn for personal protection, prevents the body from sweating. The ECS-3 is designed to be worn as a tube sewn under garment, over which an EOD, Fire fighting or any other protective suit is worn.

Body cooling system for EOD Suit pump unit

The cooling unit employs 2 liter Ice bottle and a smart control unit with battery. A charger is provided for the battery

Coupling sealing

All water circulation pipe connection are with the reliability of CPC.

Control unit Body cooling System

Cooling unit has two modes- Manual or auto. In manual mode the flow rate of the circulating water is adjustable. Whereas, in auto mode the flow rate is adjusted by a smart algorithm based on the, water temperatures.

Field proven

100% Guarantee

Cost effective

At Lowest Price

Easy to use

Easy as one two three

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