Product of Machinecrafts

Rocket Launcher 40mm

The RPG-7 Rocket Launcher is a shoulder-fired infantry anti-tank weapon renowned for its effectiveness up to 500 meters. It utilizes rocket-boosted hollow charge ammunition, capable of penetrating armor up to 30cm thick. Its exceptional mobility and lethal capability render it well-suited for irregular warfare.

A portable, Re-usable shoulder launched anti-tank Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher

Effective and low-cost weapon widely used for anti-armor and in irregular operations.

Product of Machinecrafts

60mm & 81mm Mortars

Mortars serve as portable infantry platoon patrol weapons capable of launching high explosive, smoke, or illuminating shells. Their portability allows for engagement of distant targets, making them versatile in various terrains. Leveraging high trajectory firing, mortars prove especially effective in challenging landscapes.

60mm Light Mortar:

  • A valuable support weapon for short and medium-range targets
  • Easy to use and dependable in all weather conditions
  • Provides close-in support for ground troops
  • Compatible with all qualified 60mm ammunition types for operations

81mm Mortar:

  • An effective support weapon for short, medium, and extended range targets
  • User-friendly, featuring a smooth bore and muzzle loading for reliability in any weather
  • Compatible with all qualified 81mm ammunition types for operations
  • Disassembled into three loads (barrel, base plate, and bipod) for swift transport
40mm g

Product of Daudsons

40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher

The automatic grenade launcher is designed with a balanced weight for both man-portable carrying and vehicle mounting.  This weapon is particularly suitable for engaging APCs and other common vehicles at considerable distances. Its operation requires three crew members, and it can function in mechanical, automatic, and semi-automatic modes. The product is extensively tested by the military.


Product of Daudsons

Multi Grenade Launcher MGL-LV6

DSA MGL-LV6 is a revolver-style multiple grenade launcher which fires 40x46mm NATO standard grenades. It is an optimal tool for use in counterinsurgency and low-intensity conflict scenarios. Boasts a rapid firing rate and can engage targets at distances exceeding those of hand/ rifle grenades.