Field proven EOD & Counter IED Solutions

IED Disposal/ UXO RSP Tools

4th Generation recoilless IED Disruptors, Diverse projectile range & Stand-off capability

We provide a diverse solutions both for the EOD and IEDD situations. The solutions can be tailored to your threat. Disruptors and De-Armours are available for the power cartridge you already are using. Our designs are based on safety and ease of use.

EAD-50 with RDS-6722
RE-70 M3 upgraded
Proparms type
pigstick disruptor


Initiators kits are not just an electrical pulse providing devices. These must be highly reliable to avoid a misfire situations. We provide diverse solutions for evaluation for their safety. The old Shrike exploders and the 

EAD-50 with RDS-6722

PPEs and Blast Mitigation

A well trained EOD operator has a good sense of blast mitigation measures. Also the operators need reliable and tested PPE. It can be simple sand bags enclosures to sophisticated composite materials. We understand these materials well and employ them in our PPEs and blast mitigation products.

EOD Cartridges packing

Power Cartridges

The IEDD disruptor and EOD render safe tools are mostly powered by electrically initiated power cartridges. We supply a variety of EOD cartridges. Cartridge undergo a well defined qualification process under MIL-D-21625. These are certified for performance, safety and reliability. Each lot of the cartridges is proof tested before final release to the customer. Cartridges are secured in an aluminum container and finally packed in sealed ammunition container.

Tool Kits

Safe and well tried out tools are a must in EOD operator’s kit. We have a diverse range of EOD Tools are vary affordable prices.

IED Search thermal camera and probe

Search Recee and Detection

The disposal of IEDs will start after being located safely. Search Reece and detection tools enable a fast search of the UXOs and IEDs. Tools may also be required for the area clearance for the VIP movements. These will involve visual tools or material search tools.

our solutions

Our solutions are offered after a detailed test and trials on the safety.

Having a low equipment weight is our primary aim. With a heavy PPE, the EOD operators desires a very light weight tools to handle.

We target simple designs which must be easy to learn and use. The simplicity must also exist to maintain the product.

We are team of EOD operators and we provide an organized training of our equipment. It can be online training or comming to your own training institutions to embed our systems in your training carriculum.

your safety is our priority