Al Efah offers Ground Support Equipment (GSE), solutions to military, MROs and Aerospace customers. Our solutions are for on aircraft as well at the back shops and the storage areas. We specialize in transfer of explosives and dangerous goods. We offer custom manufacturing to your specialized needs.

The products are qualified on Safety, functionality and the environmental aspects as per the requirements of the military standards.

Aircraft Ground support equipemnt

our solutions

Our solutions are offered after a detailed test and trials on the safety.

Having a low equipment weight is our primary aim. With a heavy PPE, the EOD operators desires a very light weight tools to handle.

We target simple designs which must be easy to learn and use. The simplicity must also exist to maintain the product.

We are team of EOD operators and we provide an organized training of our equipment. It can be online training or comming to your own training institutions to embed our systems in your training carriculum.

Powerup solutions

Ground power units of 90 KVA and 60 KVA capacities with powered or towable solutions are offered.

Deciding a right and economical GPU solution is time consuming. Contact us for assisting you regarding our ground power units.

MIL-STD-704E Compliant; Custom solutions offered


Munitions Movement and Handling Equipment (MMHE) is our specialized field. We provide complete solution of working inside the munitions storehouse to their installation on the aircraft. A solution tailored to your needs is offered. We have trailers for missiles, bombs and also the installation equipment on the aircraft.

Field support equipment

Engine worshops

Engine shop lifting dolly
Ejection seat crane

Cranes and ladders

Oxygen and nitrogen service carts

Nitrogen oxygen trolley
Aircraft Jacks

jacks and supports

your safety is our priority