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Stainless Steel Product From Alpha Engineering Industry

Disruptor EAD-50

EAD-50 is a recoilless disruptor with versatile features for different situations to defeat IEDs and also serves as a De armer for the UXOs. This tool can be used very close to the target and from a stand off from the target. The product has been manufactured utilizing specialized alloys to keep it light weight.

The cannon is powered by standard electrically initiated 0.5 inch cartridge. EAD 50 when used as a disruptor can be configured to fire frangible or fluid projectiles. In the De armer mode it can fire different solid projectiles to attack the area of interest of the UXO. A multi-position stand is provided which can be adjusted to attack the target in different situations and angle of attack.

Stainless steel option

Corrosion resistance

Cost effective

At Lowest Price

Easy to use

Easy as one two three

The disruptor cancels its own recoil by ejecting the mass rearward. The rearward ejection design has very insignificant affect on the surroundings. Being light weight, it is portable with its stand by the operator wearing EOD suit. The system therefore can be installed on small robots. A robot mounting adapter can be provided for the robot of interest. A sighting device is provided to aid in accuracy during stand off attacks.

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