Wireless initiation system RDS-6722
MIL STD 810 tested product


Remote Detonation System For EOD/ IEDD Operations

RDS-6722 is a Remote Wireless Initiation System, specially designed for EOD/IEDD operations. The system has a hand held Master Control Unit (MCU) which can have up to twenty Remote Firing Units (RFUs). The RFU could be selected to have a single or two firing ports /channels. Also the kit can have a set of mixed RFU types. System has encrypted digital two-way communication. MCU can command its slave RFUs, individually or initiate them in a programmed sequence. The RFU decodes and executes MCU’s commands but also can report its battery or continuity status. There is an arming delay safety timer, operator can send fire command with two hands and the firing port remains inhibited before the fire command.

System Specifications





Range Urban

2 to 3Km

Range Line of sight


Ops Temperature

-10°C to +50°C

Store Temperature

-10°C to +55°C


95% RH at 40°C

System Sealing


Body material


Transit Case



1x MCU

1 or up to 20 RFUs


Both in MCU & RFUs

(MCU & RFUs)

12V/1000mAH, Lithium-Ion battery

Battery charging options

Utility Power and Vehicle

Max. TX power

2 watts


50 Ohms

RX Sensitivity

119 dBm



Hand held Master Control Unit (MCU)

MCU weight Kg

1.25 (with battery)

MCU Size mm

225 x 110 x 75 mm


4 x 16 characters/ backlit

Data entry I/P

12 Keys Keypad

Remote Firing Unit (RFU)

Weight RFU

1Kg with battery

RFU Size

160 x 90 x 70 mm

Firing Circuit

Capacitive discharge

Bridge Firing energy

0.3 Joules

RFU firing ports

Single & dual

Max line impedance

60 Ω
RFU to detonator

Master Control Unit

Hand held Master Control Unit (MCU)​

The MCU has a waterproof Aluminum housing having the UHF transceiver. It has micro controller based control circuitry with digital communication which enables encryption. It can fire individual RFU or can be programmed to fire multiple RFUs in a sequential firing of preset delays.

Remote Firing Unit (RFU)

The Remote Firing Units have water proof aluminum housing. It has a matched UHF transceiver with the MCU. The RFUs decode and execute the commands received from MCU and also can be asked to report its status for the battery and the continuity of connected detonator or the EOD cartridge’s bridge. RDS-6722 system has the unique feature of RFUs with single as well as two output ports. In the dual output port, two demolition charges or two IED disruptors/ Dearmors can be connected. However, only one port from the two ports of the RFUs can fire at one time.

SL-6722A – With Single firing port

SL-6722B – With Dual firing port

Key System Features

  • Two way encrypted communication.
  • “Dua”l and “Single” firing port in RFUs.
  • Self-test facility before operations.
  • Urban or vegetated area range 2 to 3 Km.
  • Line of sight range is 10 Km.
  • Gets Installed on IED Disruptors or EOD Robots.
  • LEDs indications & LCD Menu in English or user’s language.
  • Confirmation of detonator / EOD cartridge status and detonation.
  • Fully EMC tested & meets environmental standards MIL STD 810E.
  • Status update of battery, line impedance and detonation command.
  • Cancellation of firing command within the programed time.
  • MCU can be programmed to fire sequence of different RFUs.
  • Night Illumination.

System Safety Features

  • Two hands MCU’s firing command.
  • Cancellation of firing command within the specified time.
  • Arming delay safety timer. Minimum 1 minute
  • Reliable isolation of charging capacitor from firing circuit.
  • Unique serial numbers and use of encrypted system.

Standard Accessories

  • Transit case. Each system is supplied in a rugged case; which houses all items in cut foam packing where the operator has ease to pack after the operation. Any specialized packing can also be provided.
  • Chargers. Utility chargers for each RFU and MCU are provided for charging from the mains. MCU is provided with one additional Vehicle charger.
  • Manuals.  A detailed manual in English is provided. However, on user’s request the operational manual in Arabic language can also be provided.

Optional Accessories

  • Range extension Tripod & Antenna. A tripod and antenna can be provided to extend the range or when in a very thickly vegetated area. This raises the height of the receiver antenna.
  • Self-piercing firing port connectors. The RFU’s firing port connector can be provided with special pyramid shaped teeth for piercing the wire insulation. This obviates the need for wire stripping and may accommodate till 40SWG conductor
RF initiation integration

Mounting on Disruptor /Robot/ Drone

RFUs if installed with the disruptor provides flexibility and speed of IEDD operation. We offer to provide mountings for compatible IED Disruptors or the EOD Robots. Appropriate mounting & fittings can be provided for a tailored solution for different disruptors and robots.

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