EXTRACTOR (Rocket wrench) & Projector (De armer)

Render Safe Procedures (RSPs) are adopted in EOD operations for avoiding detonation of unexploded bombs (UXB/ UXO). Fuse extraction from Aerial bombs is a well tried our method for which cartridges powered Rocket wrench are used. The other approach is to attack the fuse by projectile for which projectors like De-armer are very effective to disrupt the detonation train. These two kits are a must in an EOD equipment. With this a good education is also required on on your enemy bomb fuses.

Product From Mohsin Engineering

Rocket wrench aME-01

Bomb Fuse extractor ‘Rocket Wrench’ AME-01 is a high torque, remotely operated dynamic wrench. It is designed to unscrew and remove bomb fuse mechanisms. Two rocket tubes with cartridges fired in opposite directions, when initiated, rotate the wrench. Different jaws are provided to hold the wrench firmly onto different fuze shapes. The product uses standard EOD 0.5 inch carts.

De armor
Product From Mohsin Engineering

Dearmour aME-02

Fuze projector or a De-armer deal with the fuzes of UXOs for breaking its detonation train. De-armour has specially designed barrel, with slugs to be fired by a cartridge. De-armers disrupts fuses with cocked strikers. Electric 0.5” cartridges or de-bulleted 0.5 “ rounds are used in it. A fork can be used for a lower velocity attack on some specific fuses. This tool can also be used against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) also with special shot load.ou

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