High quality EOD suit

EOD Suit PCS-01

EOD suit is the personal protection equipment high velocity fragments, blast overpressure , high temperature and flame generated by an explosion.

  • Comfortable when standing or squatting
  • Material: UHMWPE\ aramid \Permanent flame retardant, anti-static and bulletproof transparent material.
  • Ventilating system prevent the visor from fogging.
  • Performance: weaken the shock overpressure, helmet is tested to V50 exceed 720m/s,main parts are over 1600m/s.
  • Removable enhanced plates
  • Front pocket for carrying work tools
  • Shoulder handles help to wear, quick-release system.
  • Visor can be adjusted easily suits for all kinds of operation.

Field proven

100% Guarantee

Cost effective

At Lowest Price

Easy to use

Easy as one two three

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