Maintenace repair and overhaul solutions

For Aerospace and military systems reliability of operations and safe in handling requires organized maintenance repair and overhaul of the systems. We specialize in development of test and diagnostic equipment. Testing is not only the checking functional parameters; for long term reliability testing has to be done on environmental detrimental factors as well as we need tests for ensuring the equipment is safe for handling and operations.  With our partners, we provide complete solution to test and maintenance facilities at workshops and handling form store house to operational area.

Maintenance repair and overhaul
Armament and Release systems Workshop

Weapon release systems work shops

Providing Workshop and production solutions for Armament systems of different platforms. Let us have your requirement discussed with us for a detailed evaluation.

Cable harness making

Cable Harness Production

Small scale cable and harnesses production of todays  Aviation and Military products needs conformance to international standards and elaborate testing requirements for good contact and future reliability of insulations. Contact for your cost effect harness production requirements needs for the Aerospace and military vehicles.

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