Aircraft GPU 60KVA
Truck or Trolley mounted
airport ground power unit
Mil Standard product from Nextek

Burq-60 Ground Power Unit 60KVA

115VAC, 400 HZ, 3 Ø, 173 AMPS AND 28V aircraft power supply, 800 AMPS

Burq-60 Ground Power Unit (GPU) is from series of aircraft power supplies developed as Mobile Power Source for aircraft startup and to conduct maintenance / servicing activities on the aircraft. Variants suiting to the user requirements can be provide as truck or trolley mounted system. This aircraft GPU employs various safeties and protections to be used with the military aircraft. The GPU underwent a rigorous qualification program under Aerospace and military standards.

  • Microcontroller Based Digital Control
  • Manual and automatic Safeties of Military and Aerospace standards.
  • Rugged and Maintenance friendly features matured through field operations.
  • Detailed publications for Operations, Maintenance and Parts Illustrations with 10 years’ support for all parts.
  • 6-8 hours’ operations with full load.
  • MIL-STD-704E Compliant Marathon Alternator.
  • Vibration isolation and lifting hooks for Engine, Alternator and TRU.
  • Metallic soundproof for noise suppression.
  • Separate cabin for Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU).
  • SAE-3 Coupling between engine and alternator.
  • 56VDC for Chinese aircraft, auto changeover to 28VDC.
  • Connectors’ stowage in sockets.
  • 360 degrees’ adjustable spotlights/ flood lights.
60KVA at Tarmac

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