Demolition reel Assembly
Cable only or on Metal Reel

Firing/ Demolition Cable

Firing/ Demolition Cable used to initiate an electro explosive device must be safe and reliable. Our Firing Cable meets the requirements of UK government DEF STAN 61-12 Part 17. This standard asks for three different sizes of cable thickness – 24, 16 or 7 strands. Cable flexible PVC sheath is of high strength to meet the demolition or the EOD operational task. Cable pair is twisted for RF protection and 60 twists are provided in one meter.

The cable is also  offered on Metal reel /drum. Different reel types are used for different size of the cable. The reels and drums are provided with spring loaded terminals/ binding posts for quick connection of Shrike / electronic exploder like our our Shrike Electronic Exploder EES-665, ECI-161 or the Remote Detonation system.

Ordering informationTo order with part no ECR-SS-LLL-DDD

SS- No of cable strands
LLL- Length in meters
DDD- Drum type

Reel drum options

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