Recoiling Water Disruptors

EAD-26 & EAD-40

EAD-26 (also referred as pigstick) and EAD-40 (Also referred as Hotrod)  are disruptors with recoil and are designed as a means of disrupting IEDs. There is high probability of avoiding a detonation or explosion of IED on its deployment. These are light weight and medium caliber disruptors capable of being fired remotely. The complete disruptor is constructed with high strength stainless steel. The complete disruptor with its stand and accessories are supplied in strong Cardura outer pack with carrying straps.

Breech with safety pin. Disruptor breech is upgraded from the older Pigstick version that it has a safety pin to keep the terminals short and cartridge is connected just when it has been deployed. This enables a bomb technician to set up the disruptor at the incident control point and spending minimum time at IED.

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