Remote Demolition system
MIL STD 810 tested product

67 Series Remote Detonation Systems

RDS-67 Series Remote Detonation Systems are field proven Wireless firing systems. These have diverse applications in Explosives disposal, battlefield simulations and in the special operations kit. It is designed with short and as long as battery event upto with 72 hours. Solar panel option can extend the operational time further.  The systems have two way encrypted digital communication and can operate in jamming environment.  It qualifies on military standard for safe and reliable initiation of explosives remotely.

The system has a hand held Master Control Unit (MCU) which can communicate with upto 20 Remote firing units (RFU). The system is easy to operate through an LCD driven menu; yet it is very safe. There is provision to use a tether wire if RF function is not required to be used.

Master Control Unit (MCU)

The MCU is a hand held, waterproof Aluminum housing having UHF transceiver, along with the micro controller based control circuitry. The MCU is powered up with an internally installed Lithium-Ion battery module. 

  • Self-test
  • Status reporting from RFU (Battery, RF/Land Line, Detonator status)
  • Monitor and Program, multiple  Remote Firing Units in different sequence.
  • Status display (Battery, RF/LL, Detonator) of RFUs
  • Programming of firing sequence
  • Self- Piercing rugged wire connectors
  • Micro Controller based Battery charging circuitry
  • Encrypted communication with RFUs
  • Night Illumination
RF initiation system

Remote Firing Unit (RFU)

The Remote Firing Units are waterproof Aluminum housing containing UHF transceiver along with micro Controller based control circuitry. RFUs are powered up with an internally installed Lithium-Ion battery module. RFUs decode and execute the commands received from MCU and acknowledge the status and results to MCU.

  • Self-Test circuitry
  • Communication through Microwave or Land Line
  • Self- Piercing rugged wire connectors
  • Micro Controller based Battery charging circuitry
  • Encrypted communication
  • LED Indicators (Battery, RF/Land Line, Detonator)
  • Provide energy to Detonator

Operational Applications

Special forces Kit

Long battery type Special forces Kit

The RDS-67 Series offers encrypted and discreet demolition operations, essential for specialized military units conducting sensitive missions.

Long time operation kit

Long time operation kit

With battery events lasting up to 72 hours and the option for solar panel extension, the system enables prolonged operations with multiple programmed firings, crucial for sustained demolition operations.

Bomb Disposal Operations

Providing a safe distance to operate, the system aids in bomb disposal operations by approaching IEDs or UXOs with various disposal kits, ensuring the safety of personnel during disposal procedures.

Interfacing with Other Systems

RDS-6722 Wireless Demolition operation

The RDS-67 Series facilitates seamless integration with other systems, offering solutions for interfacing with EOD Robots and disruptors for combating IED attacks, enhancing overall operational capabilities.

Simulation Training 

Programmable and versatile, the system can be utilized for battlefield simulation exercises, providing realistic scenarios for training troops and enhancing their operational readiness in diverse environments.

Customization Options

We always remain excited to offer you a range of customization options for our RF initiation system. With our extensive expertise in this technology and a lineup of standard products, we are well-equipped to tailor our systems to meet your specific requirements. Our customization options span across various aspects of our RF initiation system, ensuring that you can fine-tune it to perfectly fit your needs.

Circuit & Software Options

Circuit funtion

Choose from a variety of circuit and software options, each offering different functions, programming abilities, and encryption features.

Customization of Handheld Unit

Master Control Unit

Personalize the master control unit according to your preferences and operational needs

Tailoring of Remote Firing Unit

Remote firing units

Customize the remote firing unit to optimize its functions and firing circuit options to match your specific applications

Interfacing with Other Systems

RF initiation integration

Seamlessly integrate our system with other systems for a fully customized solution tailored to your operational environment

Range & Power Transmission 

Transmitter and power

Tailor the system’s range and power transmission capabilities to suit your operational requirements.

Packing Type for Transportation

RDS packing

Choose the packing type best suited for transportation needs, ensuring the system arrives safely and securely at its destination

Battery Type and Technology

Battery technologies

Select the battery type and technology employed in the system, including rechargeable options, to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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