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67 Series Remote Detonation Systems

RDS-6711 Remote Detonation Systems is field proven wireless firing system. It is designed for special operations with 72 hours of battery time. The system has two way encrypted digital communication and can operate in jamming environment.  It qualifies on military standard for safe and reliable initiation of explosives remotely. It has a hand held Master Control Unit (MCU) and   with Remote firing units (RFU). The system is easy to operate through an LCD driven menu; yet it is very safe. There is provision to use a tether wire if RF function is not required to be used. System can be tailored or made on customized requirements of your operations.

Master Control Unit (MCU)

The MCU is a hand held, waterproof Aluminum housing having UHF transceiver, along with the micro controller based control circuitry. The MCU is powered up with an internally installed Lithium-Ion battery module. 

Remote Firing Unit (RFU)


The Remote Firing Units are waterproof Aluminum housing containing UHF transceiver along with micro Controller based control circuitry. RFUs are powered up with an internally installed Lithium-Ion battery module. RFUs decode and execute the commands received from MCU and acknowledge the status and results to MCU.

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