Nitrogen Oxygen Trolley
O2 N2 Trolley
Mil Standard product from MughalSons


The four cylinder Nitrogen-Oxygen Charging trolley is used for charging aircraft and other pressure systems up to 4,000 psi. The trolley is lightweight, highly maneuverable and can be handled by one person. The trolley consists of a standard chassis upon which is mounted the gaseous supply and an assembly for charging the aircraft. The trolley front has a hinged lid cabinet to house the charging assembly. The design emphasizes on the safety with secure lines, safety curtain and easy to deploy parking break.

Our four cylinder N2/O2 trolley is operational at PAF Base Shahbaz which underwent design maturity process through user’s inputs. We have served PAF in various projects of ground support equipment fabrication including moveable and
non-movable items. We have also supplied missile movement trolleys which are  operational in different PAF Base since last decade. Our fabrication is undertaken on well defined drawings and standardization is ensured.

Reliable pressure regulator with cover lid

Full protection steel mudguard  with reflectors

Easy to operate breaks

Quick removable cradle brackets

Operating valve behind steel safety wall.

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