Four Circuit Electronic Exploder


Electronic Exploder Dynamo  also referred to as Shrike exploder; is light weight two hands fire system for four circuit initiation. It can check continuity of firing circuit before fire. It provides sufficient energy to overcome a total parallel-wired circuit load up to 400 ohms which with demolition cable (DEF STAN 61-12 Part 17 or equal) can fire up to 4 Km.

Key Features

  • RFI shielded electronic circuit.
  • Firing circuit continuity test facility.
  • Indicator LEDs – to confirm continuity OK and confirm Primed.
  • Safety recessed pushbuttons for Test, Prime and Fire.
  • Two pushbuttons need to be depressed with two hands to fire.
  • Battery options with charger and non- rechargeable
  • Output remains inhibited before fire button is not depressed.


  • System with output energy as per the user’s requirement up to 20 Joules.
  • An installed rechargeable cells system for a bulk order.
  • Rack mounted system for static lab testing applications.

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