Aircraft Ground power unit 90 KVA
Truck or Trolley mounted
airport ground power unit
Mil Standard product from Nextek

Burq-90 Ground Power Unit 90 KVA

Burq-90 Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a field proven Power Source for the aircraft startup and its maintenance activities. Customization is offered for aircraft power carts/ trolley or a vehicle mounted system. This aviation GPU employs various safeties and protections to be used with the military aircraft. These portable GPU for aircraft underwent a rigorous qualification program under Aerospace and military standards.

  • Manual and automatic Safeties of Military and Aerospace standards.
  • Rugged and Maintenance friendly features matured through field operations.
  • Detailed publications for Operations, Maintenance and Parts Illustrations with 10 years’ support for all parts.
  • 6-8 hours’ operations with full load.
  • MIL-STD-704E Compliant Marathon Alternator.
  • Vibration isolation and lifting hooks for Engine, Alternator and TRU.
  • Metallic soundproof for noise suppression.
  • Separate cabin for Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU).
  • SAE-3 Coupling between engine and alternator.
  • 56VDC for Chinese aircraft, auto changeover to 28VDC.
  • Connectors’ stowage in sockets.
  • 360 degrees’ adjustable spotlights/ flood lights.

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