EOD Suit high protection standing
An improved MK-5 Suit to 2021 requirments

EOD Suit PCS-2

PCS-2  Bomb Suits deliver solutions for EOD and IEDD operators during Reconnaissance, IED Manipulation and Render safe procedures. It provides a balance of high level protection with ergonomic considerations. The helmet incorporates air circulation a quick release mechanism allows egress out of the suit very easy and quick. It not only protects the human body from fragments, but also reduces blast overpressure generated in an explosion. With the ECS-03 cooling system, it reduces fatigue during hot weather.

  • Comfortable yet with V50 protection at chest is above 2000 m/s
  • Ventilating system prevent the visor from fogging.
  • Weakens the shock overpressure.
  • Removable enhanced plates.
  • Tested with grain 17 fragment simulator for V50 as per NATO standards.

Extensive testing

Test reports are shared on request

Cost effective

Lowest price suit for V50 2000m/s

Cooling & Comm system

A Complete solution

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