Bomb Blast Suppression Blanket

The Bomb Suppression Blanket reduces secondary fragment risk from IED blasts, for items up to briefcase size. Bomb blanket not only is required by EOD operators but also can be placed at sensitive places and at checkpoint. Aramid materials are used and stitching techniques. A ballistic containment ring is placed over the suspected device and covered by the blanket. To suppress a larger item, two or more blankets can be used.

  • Available to meet different protection levels under NIJ and STANAG.
  • Different sizing options of blanket and the ring.
  • Fire resistant covering sheet also offered.
  • Removable and washable outer cover.
  • Reinforced carry/mount straps.
  • Built in grommets upon request.
  • Fitted with lifting straps.
  • Both Blanket and Collar bomb explosion fold into one carry bag.

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