Weapon Release Systems


Aircraft Weapon Release System employ diverse technologies and need to be tested periodically for reliable operations. It may be stand alone launcher or a complex of complete aircraft. We provide solutions for diagnostic testing of systems for its O, I and D level requirements. Repair jigs and fixtures for the Bomb racks, Launchers, and supporting aircraft weapon circuits. The solutions of weapons release systems working on 1553 and 1760 are being offered. We offer to work with the OEMs to provide a well organized MRO solution.

Armament and Release systems Workshop

Gun System work centers


Guns mechanism require periodic maintenance protocols to be preforming with reliability. We offer gun parts washers, gauging kits and assembly jigs.

Gun Maintenance workshop

Egress System workshop


Ejection seat and the canopy are the vital life saving systems where no error will be acceptable. We provide handling and testing equipment required in the egress system. We provide G testing, Leak testing and the actuator fatigue testing of actuators.

Egress and ejection seat