EOD Robot Capability Enhancement

EOD Robot Shot Gun

Multi-shotgun is offered to be mounted on a frame incorporating the Firing Actuation Mechanism, Laser Aiming, Camera and LED light. In EOD or IEDD operations remote controlled shot guns are used to gain access or shoot an area of interest. The gun used for the system is a multi-shot and semi-automatic. The gun has the capability to fire five shots. To install the gun on any robot the complete assembly is fitted to the Arm of the robot and connected to the local firing terminals.

x-ray mount Security eod Robot portable detection

EOD Robot X-ray mount

A universal mount which can adopt to various manual and digital X-ray systems for any robot. The X-Ray Mount attachment suitable for carrying the Kappa, Scanna and Golden Engineering X-Ray equipment. The Mount is easily carried in the claw of the robot, allowing the X-Ray system to be placed around a suspicious object.

Audio/Video unit for EOD Robots

EOD Robots maintenance comes across obsolescence issues. We can provide you with upgraded electronics and mechanical interface for form fit and fictional replacement.  Or you intend to have additional audio/ video senders/ receivers / facilitate for aiming and robot tools’ operations monitoring. The audio and video senders for EOD robots have been developed for monitoring the tools operations and for the aiming of the weapons to be fired.

Water Disruptor EOD robot reoilless installation

EOD Robot disruptor mount

The disruptor mount is versatile to get adopted on different arms of robots. Every IED defeating robot has to be adopted for a water jet gun Disruptor. We provide an economical solution for mounting the disruptors on the robot. This is done on the robot arms. The product is rugged and field proven. The mounts are provided with integrated solution for Camera, LED and the Laser pointer. These are controlled by the robot control units by interfacing with the electronics.

Window breaker

The window breaker is used to gain access to a vehicle’s windows by breaking its glass. it is a simple tool which can be adopted with any robot


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