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MK-80 bomb bodies

Ready to fill Bomb bodies

Bomb bodies in Steel Forged and Pre-Fragmented Composite 

Al Efah Technologies presents pre-filled bomb casings available now. Drawing from over three decades of experience, we specialize in manufacturing bomb casings and accessories for MK-81, MK-82, MK-83, and MK-84 models. Our products adhere strictly to US military standards and meet AOP 12 specifications.

EAD-20S is an improved Disruptor from EAD-20. This new design makes it light weight and has quick assembly features. EAD-20S is to receive both 0.5 inch or the 20mm cartridge. EAD-20S disruptor can also be used as De-armour while performing RSP for the UXOs.

Upgrade for PAN operations with 12 cal carts through shock tube and electrical firing device are under field testing.

EAD-50 with RDS-6722

The Integration of RF initiation system with the disruptor provides flexibility and speed of IEDD operation. The operator gets relived to carry the demolition wire to the IED. Wireless Initiation system RDS-6722 is provided with mounting & fittings to be installed on Disruptor’s standard mount or the system can be installed with Picatinny rail mount standard.


Conventional multiple barrel disruptors are of ferrous steel. As water is filled in, they may have potential rusting issues. Whereas; we have developed expertise on High strength Stainless Steel metallurgy for different disrupters and offer to provide all Stainless Steel metallurgy for EAD-50 in its upgraded version as EAD-50SS.

Wireless initiation system RDS-6722

We are excited to announce the successful commencement of production for our new initiation system RDS-6722. Designed specifically for EOD operators, it combines the reliability of the RDS-67 series with a reduced cost. One of its distinctive features is the ability to provide remote firing units with both single and dual detonation ports.